“Neither I have vain creative energies about myself nor do I make all cases. Be that as it may, I straightforwardly acknowledge my deficiencies, and instructive and down to earth shortcomings.  It would not be an embellishment to say that nobody in the 56-year history of Pakistan has ever persevered through the hardships which I encountered amid the limited ability to focus time. With the endowments of Allah Almighty, I am glad for myself that I never offered need to the sparkling scene, I never traded off on my main goal, never acknowledged higher posts in the power campaign, and never selected any money related advantages. My character, my past and my present are clear, and nobody can call attention to that I have ever enjoyed hostile to Islam exercises. I am faithful to my pioneers thus could never leave my main goal.”

These were the perspective of a saint, a general of Sipah-e-Sahaba, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad `Azam Tariq (rahimahullah), who has as of late been executed in the twin-urban areas. He was a person. An individual who can submit sin, whose perspectives can be contradicted, who can be affected by the earth and environment, and who can be overpowered by feelings. There is a probability that a few focuses or rationales were past fear of his adversaries yet his character, effortlessness, reliability to the mission, mettle, and other high qualities can’t be disregarded. He carried on with a life for a long time as it were. Amid which he confronted hardships, detainment, police torment, illicit restriction, a ton of threats, other than strolling through the volley of shots and shoot of groups. He had around 80 scars of shot injuries on his body. When he was discharged from the correctional facility, more often than not he spent in going inside the nation and abroad. He dedicated every snapshot of his life in tackling issues of everyday citizens and going to open gatherings. Demonstrates Shaheed Maulana Azam Tariq never observed the solace of life.

Nonetheless, natural living, brimming with fun and joy started on the night of Sha’aban 9 when his life finished with the dusk. He was a star that kept sparkling for around 20 years to warm up the hearts of Muslims and set numerous cases. He was a sparkling star who showed that when the genuine confidence of religion of Islam slips where it counts in the heart, in no way like hardships, torment, sparkling world, adore for youngsters and spouse can change the fearlessness. It was not genuine that he was uninformed of every single such thing. Be that as it may, the way he decided for his own life, he had picked when he ventured into the combat zone of Jhang and remained in the middle of the graves of two saints, and he saw the future and destiny. Along these lines, you ought to be unflinching, leave everything to Allah Almighty Who has given you life and Who will take it back. Allah spared you from the individuals who needed to end your life. He will shield you from all shades of malice all over the place.”

Accordingly, this Mujahid-e-Islam took this lesson and promised to confront each hardship and could never bargain on his central goal. There he started with his battle that contained penances, and that’s it. He was the man who was put into a dungeon, who confronted barbaric treatment, who arranged craving strikes against the brutalities and who never bowed the malicious plans. Shaheed `Azam Tariq’s history helps the time to remember the individuals who rendered penances for the reason for Islam and never bent the state fear based oppression.

Maulana `Azam Tariq was so impacted by Imam Ahmad canister  (noorullah marqadahu) and thought about him his optimal. It was all his friendship with Imam Ahmad that he substantiated himself a faithful and gallant Muslim. Amid detainment, recitation of Holy Qur’an was the wellspring of fantastic strength for him.

At one place he expressed, “Recitation of Holy Qur’an was my routine amid detainment and confronting extreme torment in the dungeon. In the initial ten days of my detainment amid which I was subjected to severe torture, I could finish Qur’an for twice as I was taken out from the detainment various circumstances amid a day for examinations. Be that as it may, later it was my routine to present finish Qur’an and 15 Paras consistently for sixteen days. Commonly I could complete Qur’an twice every day. With the favours of Allah Almighty amid my 108-day detainment, I discussed finish Holy Qur’an for 108 times other than experiencing the implications and interpretation of the Quranic verses.

This story arrived at an end when Mujahid-e-Islam was martyred at a place which was so near the power campaign. He managed forty slugs and grasped Shahadah (suffering). Presently the administration has fixed the security to catch Maulana `Azam Tariq’s executioners while there, and open gatherings are proceeding in each niche and corner the nation over. Let’s trust the state hardware captures the genuine offenders previously they turn out looking for another `Azam Tariq. May Allah favour us and shield us from all shades of malice. Aameen

One more shining star is lost

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