Girl Freind Bananay Walay Lazmi Sunain

Tariq Jameel got his Islamic training from Jamia Arabia, Raiwind. He often conveys Islamic talks at encourages in which he lectures peace and concordance, resilience and regard for everybody. He advances ethnic and partisan agreement. Tariq Jameel’s addresses fuse an extensive variety of issues of Islam and social concern. He particularly underscores on self-correction, self-responsibility, genuineness in social life, shirking of rough routes, recognition of God’s orders, and the accompanying of the lessons and the model of life as proposed by the Prophet Muhammad. In May 2014, the International Human Rights Commission Chief Ambassador met Tariq Jameel alongside Asad Bashir and Veena Malik at Dubai and expressed gratitude toward him for advancing the real picture of Islam.

He did his FSc from Government College University Lahore.

His sound addresses are circled on the web.

In January 2014, Pakistani performing artist Veena Malik said her communication with Tariq Jameel had decidedly changed her life, and that she would stop the entertainment biz industry. In spite of the fact that she didn’t leave the business and stated, she was arranging her rebound after the introduction of her young lady. As indicated by news reports which have not been affirmed by Imran Khan or any of his nearby partners, Tariq Jameel met Imran Khan in August 2014 and prompted him to direct his Azadi March gently. Upon his demand, the walk name was changed from ‘Tidal wave March’ to ‘Azadi March’, despite the fact that Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s partners guarantee that the term ‘Azadi March’ was begat by their pioneer, however, was stolen by PTI.

On 4 November 2014, he approached Pakistani executive Nawaz Sharif at the last’s home Jati Umra and stretched out the welcome to take an interest in yearly Tableeghi Ijtima to be held in Raiwind Markaz.

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